User's Guide

Here is a tutorial on how to properly use Geli-Band™


Remove from packaging and recycle plastic and paper wrapper.

STEP 2: 

Wrap Geli-Band™ around your wrist and fasten the two prongs. 


USE a paperclip 📎 to poke a small hole through the nub being careful not to tear or make the hole too large. 


Fill Bottle with preferred vicious fluid (Purell Sanitizer Recommended).

STEP 5: 

Remove cap and insert nozzle into the hole (STEP 3) and squeeze air out of the Geli-Band™ then fill accordingly. DO NOT OVER FILL.

✅ Enjoy the safety of always having sanitizer accessible throughout the day.


Geli-Band™ is not intended for use by children under the age of 7.

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